APR/DRG Coding Validation Webinar Registration
Please join us for our upcoming webinar presentation:
APR/DRG Coding Validation for Mississippi Medicaid Hospital Providers
Click on the date and time below to register

August 21, 2014 10A-11A
August 25, 2014 1P-2P
August 26, 2014 11A-12P
September 4, 2014 9A-10A
September 25, 2014 2P-3P
September 29, 2014 11A-12P
October 14, 2014 12P-1P
November 25, 2014 10A-11A

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HERE to view recorded presentation


Oct 30, 2014 Workshop/Webinar for Theraputic and Evaluative Service Providers
eQHealth Solutions, Xerox, and Division of Medicaid Provider Webinar Oct 30, 2014

We apologize but due to technial problems the webinar recording is not available for viewing. Please click on the link below to access the presentation materials. If you have any question please contact Dennis Hardy, Education Services Manager at 601.360.4846. 

Click here to access DOM Behavioral Health presentation.
Click here to access eQHealth Solutions presentation.
Click here to access DOM Program Integerity presentation.

Durable Medical Equipment Providers: Please join us for an education webinar on enhancements and changes to the prior authorization process.

2014 Prior Authorization Process for Mississippi Medicaid DME Providers

September and October Webinar Dates and Times (click on the date and time to register to attend)
 November 10, 2014 3P-4P
 November 13, 2014 3P-4P
 November 17, 2014 3P-4P
 November 24, 2014 3P-4P
 December 1, 2014 3P-4P
 December 4, 2014 3P- 4P
 December 8, 2014 3P-4P

To download the presentation job aide please click HERE

To view a recorded session of the webinar click HERE
Attention OT/PT/ST Providers
Medicaid PT/OT/ST Providers please join us for a very important webinar about enhancement and updates to the prior authorization process.

2014 Prior Authorization Porcess for Mississippi Medicaid Outpatient Therapy Providers 

October and November Webinar dates and time (click on the date to register to attend.

 10/24/2014 1P - 2:30P

 10/29/2014 1P - 2:30P

 10/31/2014 3P - 4:30P

 11/4/2014 3P - 4:30P

 11/6/2014 1P - 2P
 11/12/2014 12P - 1P
 11/14/2014 10A - 11A
 11/18/2014 12P -1P
 11/20/2014 12P -1P
 11/25/2014 12P - 1P        
 12/1/2014 10A - 11A
 12/4/2014 10A - 11A
 12/8/14 10A - 11A

TO Download prsentation job aide click HERE
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